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Yarn necklace

I thought i’d do another craft, so today, let’s make a yarn necklace!IMG_20150221_132237

You will need : yarn in 1-3 colors, scissors, and Velcro with sticky on the other side.

1. Take one of you colors, and fit a strand around your hips (the first intention for this was going to be a belt, but when I was finished, it was too short to be that). You will need 5 pieces of each color this long. If you have 1 or 2 colors instead of three, make 10 (if you have 2 colors) or 15 (if you have 1 color) and split it up into groups of 5.

2. Tie a knot around each group of 5.IMG_20150221_124504

3. Take all three groups and tie a knot.IMG_20150221_130757

4. Secure the knot under something, such as a chair.

5. Braid the three sectionsIMG_20150221_131420

6. Tie a knot and the Velcro. Now you done!

Note: if you have lowng hair, have the Velcro in the front so that it doesn’t get caught.

Presidents Day Charm

Hello! Presidents day was this Monday, so I thought I’d do a Presidents Day craft. Let’s make this charm!IMG_20150219_190515

You will need : Red and blue construction paper, white printer paper, scissors, white yarn, markers, a pipe cleaner, red white and blue beads, and a glue stick (glue stick isn’t in the picture, sorry about that).


1. Fold part of the white paper in half and draw a half – heart. Make it as big as you want your charm to be. IMG_20150219_181605

2. Cut it out. DO NOT UNFOLD BEFORE YOU CUT IT! After you cut it, Unfold it. IMG_20150219_181819_kindlephoto-173363884

3. Trace the heart onto the red paper with a marker. It doesn’t have to be perfect.IMG_20150219_183828

4. Cut the red heart out and set it aside. It will be used later, but right now, we don’t need to use it.IMG_20150219_183936

5. Fold the white heart and cut off the edge of the heart and throw it out (or recycle it). You can see in the second picture the difference between the sizes.


6. Repeat steps 3-4 on the blue paper with the now smaller white heart.


7. Repeat step 5 on the white heart. You can compare sizes with the picture.IMG_20150219_184533_kindlephoto-174113871

8. Put glue on the blue heart. Be sure to get all the edges, but you don’t have to put glue in the center.IMG_20150219_184802

9. Center the blue heart on top of the red heart, and press it down. Make sure they stick.IMG_20150219_184852

10. Repeat steps 8-9 on the white heart. Check again and make sure that it all sticks!IMG_20150219_185107

11. Write something on the white heart. I wrote USA, but you can write whatever you want.IMG_20150219_185203

12. Now, cut a piece of yarn. It can be as long as you want, I am making mine this long.IMG_20150219_185255_kindlephoto-174558647

13. Poke a hole at the top of the heart. Use your pipe cleaner, but don’t poke yourself!IMG_20150219_185513

14. Thread the yarn through the hole. If you have a hard time, put your pipe cleaner through the hole, hook the yarn on, and pull it through.


15. String the beads through the yarn. If it gets difficult, look at step 14 to see how pull the yarn through with the pipe cleaner.


16. Tie a knot on the yarn, and then your done! You can make these for all your friends and family. Enjoy!


How to make paper flowers

Let’s make this flower…IMG_20150206_070033

You will need some scissors, a marker, a green pipe cleaner, clear scotch tap, and some construction paper (2 colors, one for the middle and one for the petals)


Draw a shape of a flower in the color construction paper. Don’t make it too big, but don’t make it too small either. About the size of a baby’s hand is probably best.


Next, cut it out. Cut roughly around the edge and then cut between the petals.


After that, poke your pipe cleaner through the paper flower, but don’t poke yourself! Twist it at the top so it doesn’t come out.


Then, draw a small circle in the other color of construction paper. This will end up as the center of your flower.IMG_20150206_065337

Cut the circle out out.


Tape the circle over where the pipe cleaner pokes up. Cut off any tape that hangs off the edge, and try not to wrinkle it.IMG_20150206_065910

Do the same thing again, only this time go the opposite direction with the tape. Now your done!