How to make paper flowers

Let’s make this flower…IMG_20150206_070033

You will need some scissors, a marker, a green pipe cleaner, clear scotch tap, and some construction paper (2 colors, one for the middle and one for the petals)


Draw a shape of a flower in the color construction paper. Don’t make it too big, but don’t make it too small either. About the size of a baby’s hand is probably best.


Next, cut it out. Cut roughly around the edge and then cut between the petals.


After that, poke your pipe cleaner through the paper flower, but don’t poke yourself! Twist it at the top so it doesn’t come out.


Then, draw a small circle in the other color of construction paper. This will end up as the center of your flower.IMG_20150206_065337

Cut the circle out out.


Tape the circle over where the pipe cleaner pokes up. Cut off any tape that hangs off the edge, and try not to wrinkle it.IMG_20150206_065910

Do the same thing again, only this time go the opposite direction with the tape. Now your done!



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