Yarn necklace

I thought i’d do another craft, so today, let’s make a yarn necklace!IMG_20150221_132237

You will need : yarn in 1-3 colors, scissors, and Velcro with sticky on the other side.

1. Take one of you colors, and fit a strand around your hips (the first intention for this was going to be a belt, but when I was finished, it was too short to be that). You will need 5 pieces of each color this long. If you have 1 or 2 colors instead of three, make 10 (if you have 2 colors) or 15 (if you have 1 color) and split it up into groups of 5.

2. Tie a knot around each group of 5.IMG_20150221_124504

3. Take all three groups and tie a knot.IMG_20150221_130757

4. Secure the knot under something, such as a chair.

5. Braid the three sectionsIMG_20150221_131420

6. Tie a knot and the Velcro. Now you done!

Note: if you have lowng hair, have the Velcro in the front so that it doesn’t get caught.


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